Posted on 09-04-2009
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In a scary moment at AT&T Park, rookie pitcher Joe Martinez took a line drive off the head with two outs in the ninth. Brewers center fielder Mike Cameron smoked a fastball back up the middle which hit so hard off the young kids head that the ball went out of play over 60 feet away.

Joe Martinez Hit in Head with Line Drive

Obviously shaken up, Mike Cameron knelt down at second base with many Giants players coming over to try and console him. It seemed the entire stadium took a moment of silence as the onlookers waited to see the outcome of the unfortunate circumstance.

Martinez surprisingly walked off the field on his own power, bleeding from the upper right side of his forehead and his nose. Upon impact he fell to the ground limp-like and bounced back up in a very awkward all-in-one motion. He seemed to come to and clinched his head after removing his cap.

Fortunately insiders who visited the hospital tonight have confirmed from Giants executives that the CAT scan was negative and he doesn’t seem to have any broken bones or a shattered skull. Martinez has a concussion, but that seems to be the worst of it.

The Giants ended up winning the game 7-1 taking the first series of the year. Next up the San Diego Padres beginning tomorrow with Zito’s season debut.

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Posted on 08-04-2009
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In a game that was single handedly won by one player, Yovani Gallardo, starting pitcher for the Milwaukee Brewers, beat the Giants tonight 4-2. Gallardo pitched a great game tonight and had the San Francisco Giants back on their heels for most of the evening. He pitched 6 and 2/3 frames and only gave up one run.


In the top half of the fifth inning Gallardo came to the plate with two men on and hammered a three run homer off Randy Johnson over the left field wall. At the time that broke a tie game putting the Brew Crew up 4-1. That ended Randy Johnson’s night in his first official start in a Giants uniform. Up until that point he had pitched a great game. He made a mistake with a fastball up in the zone and out over the plate. The starting pitcher, Gallardo, made him pay!

As it goes, the Giants took their first loss of the year. They threatened in the 7th inning in a two out rally that left the bases loaded and Bengie Molina grounding out to JJ Hardy to end the inning. Tomorrow we have a 4:00 start with Matt Cain taking the mound in the rubber match of the series. Go Giants!

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Posted on 07-04-2009
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It’s back in black…and orange for the San Francisco Giants! I as well am back in action writing about my favorite team. You can expect regular updates from me on games, stories, and insider tips and rumors.

Aaron Rowand Hits 1st Homer of Season

The season started off great for the Giants with their first victory over the Milwaukee Brewers 10-6. Tim Lincecum, 2008 NL Cy Young winner, took the mound on opening day for the Giants. He was totally amped to start the season, as the adrenaline was getting to him all night. He couldn’t calm himself down and only lasted 3 full innings.

The Giants hitters looked especially sharp today including their youngsters. Travis Ishikawa hit a first inning base clearing triple into triples alley that got the crowd rockin’. Pablo Sandoval looked impressive and made Sabean look like a genius. We also had three homers in the game by Randy Winn, Aaron Rowand, and Bengie Molina, our savvy veterans. So much for the team that can’t hit, huh? Maybe this season will turn out better than we thought!

The best part about the first day of the season is all of the anticipation. Are we going to have a good team this year? That is to be determined. However, I’ll make my official declaration here and now that the Giants win the National League West this year and finish the regular season with an 85-77 record.

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Posted on 12-05-2008
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Zito Gets No DecisionThe San Francisco Giants lost Monday night in the series opener to the Astros 7-3. Barry Zito got the start tonight and looked pretty good through the first five innings. The Giants gave him a little run support and they were up 3-0 going into the top of the sixth.

Early that inning, he lost command of the fastball a little bit and started to fall behind a few hitters. He gave up one run, but looked like he was going to be able to retire the side without too much damage. Then, he hung a changeup behind in the count to Lance Berkman, who made him pay. He hit that pitch high and deep for a two-run bomb to the deepest part of the yard, tying the game at three runs a piece.

You could see the anguish on Zito’s face as he gave up the three-run inning. As I watched the game, I really did feel bad for the guy as he had pretty good stuff all night, but got behind a few batters that were costly. In the bottom half of that inning, I was hoping that the Giants could pick him up and regain the lead before they pulled him out of the game. That would have at least given him a chance for the win. I thought we had a chance too, with the heart of our lineup coming to bat. But we went 1-2-3 that inning and sent Vinnie Chulk out for the seventh. Definitely a tough outing for Zito again.

Although it was disappointing that he gave up the lead, there were a lot of things he can build on after the game tonight. It appeared he was keeping the ball down a little better than previous games. It also looked like his curveball was coming back to form and he was able to throw it for strikes. I’d love to see Chris over at Bay City Ball do a pitching analysis on his performance tonight. It looked like he had some of his movement back, and I’d be curious to see how he did versus previous starts. It was the first time Zito has gotten a no-decision, after seven consecutive losses in his first seven starts of the year.

Needless to say, it will be a game that Zito looks back on and wishes he made a few less mistakes in that sixth inning. But, it was definitely his best performance of the year. I can’t wait to hear his interview after the game to see what he has to say.

Conversation starter: What was up with the bonehead play by Yabu on that busted pickoff move? Come on!!!

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Correia Pitches in 1stThe San Francisco Giants have won their third straight game. Kevin Correia pitched magnificently, as he lead the Giants on to victory. He took a shutout into the 8th inning and had great stuff all night long. He finished giving up five hits over 7 2/3 innings, while striking out four. His ERA for the season is now a measly 2.63.

Well, it looks like our starting pitching is living up to its hype! We’ve got a solid starting five who could all be legitimate #1′s over the next couple of years. With this kind of rotation we have a chance to win every night. I’ve been a Giants fan my whole life and I can’t remember a time when we’ve had a better starting five.

Fred Lewis had a great game last night for the Giants as well, with two runs scored and an electrifying triple! He’s turning out to be all that we could hope for and it looks like he’s going to be the regular from now on in left field. I’m excited that he’s getting his shot. Two nights ago he thrilled Giants fans with his defensive play as he caught a ball off his shoe laces and came up throwing for home. He gunned the guy out trying to tag up from third on a one-hop to Bengie Molina. He’s a five tool player!

Tonight we get back to the top of our rotation where Barry Zito takes the hill. I really hope he can get his stuff together. It would be nice to see him get his first win tonight.

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Ortmeier Wins Game in 9thThe San Francisco Giants won last night on some fantastic heroics by rookie Daniel Ortmeier. The game went scoreless through eight and a half innings when Bengie Molina came to the plate to start off the bottom of the ninth. He hit a single down the right field line to get it going. He was pinch run for by Rajai Davis, who promptly stole second base. The next two batters get themselves out without advancing the runner and then came Ortmeier.

With two outs in the bottom of the ninth Daniel Ortmeier delivered a HUGE hit to seal the victory for the Giants. He smashed a two-strike fastball to deep center field over the head of Jim Edmonds, who was racing back to save the day for the Padres. The ball landed just inches from the wall and Rajai Davis easily came around to score from second base.

The benches immediately cleared and a sea of Giants players met Ortmeier to celebrate the victory. It was a great confidence booster for the club and an even greater one for Ortmeier who has struggled at times this season. Tune in tonight as the Giants face the St. Louis Cardinals at home.

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Rowand DiveThe San Francisco Giants got a victory last night against the LA Dodgers 2-1 in a stormy night that was chock-full of great pitching! Despite both starters being late scratches, due to weather, they each came into the game in relief. Tim Lincecum pitched 4 solid innings giving up only one run and got his first win of the season, and the Giants first as well.

This was a badly needed win for the Giants who have high hopes for their club early in the season. It is vital that they begin their season with some momentum to keep morale high as all the experts have picked them to finish last in their division this year. More importantly, is that they establish themselves at the plate, where they have struggled all spring.

My best friend Todd was at the game in LA decked out in all his Giants gear for the rainy night. He sat pretty much anywhere he wanted as the stadium was quite empty due to a 1 hour and 14 minute rain delay in the top half of the 5th inning. But, he stuck it out, along with the other faithful, and got to see the Giants pull down their first victory of the season.

It was good to finally see some of the youngsters get a start last night! I hope we keep up the youth movement as I see it crucial to our success moving forward. Bill James claims that the best years of a baseball player’s career are from age 25-29. So, we’ll see if those guys get into the games for us.

Tomorrow the Giants travel to Milwakee to face the Brewers in a three game series. We’re expected to see Jonathan Sanchez vs. Carlos Villanueva on Friday at 11:05 PT.

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Zito Sulking

The San Francisco Giants got totally obliterated by the Los Angeles Dodgers today. Opening the season for the Giants, Bruce Bochy put together the following lineup:

1. Dave Roberts – LF

2. Rich Aurilia – 1B

3. Randy Winn – RF

4. Bengie Molina – C

5. Ray Durham – 2B

6. Aaron Rowand – CF

7. Luis Castillo – 3B

8. Brian Bocock – SS

9. Barry Zito – P

According to Brian Sabean, we were planning on a HUGE youth movement this year. Yet only one opening day starter is under 30, and that was Brian Bocock, who is playing for an injured Omar Vizquel. So far, we’re not sticking to the plan I’d say. Bruce Bochy also said in the off season that he was planning on playing the best player at each position, regardless of salary. That also did not come to fruition, as the highest paid player at each position took the field for opening day.

Looks like the same old Giants took the field and we’re in for a long season. It’s going to be VERY long if I have to watch the cane-walking Giants take the field day in and day out. Let’s get the youngsters out there! Our triple A squad beat us last week for crying out loud! That should tell you something.

One more thing…why is Aaron Rowand batting 6th? He’s by far the only guy in the lineup who might be considered an offensive threat. Move him into the 3rd or 4th spot please! Now that I’ve ranted for a while…let’s get to today’s game.

Barry Zito started off the day giving up three Dodger’s runs in the first, including a homerun to Jeff Kent. The next inning he gave up another run on an RBI single by Rafael Furcal. That pretty much sealed the deal for the Giants. They came up with 5 hits in the entire game, two of which were collected by none other than our only offensive threat, Aaron Rowand.

Since there’s not much else to talk about, I’m going to look forward to tomorrow’s game. I’m hoping for a completely new lineup from Bochy as this one didn’t work. Hopefully we’ll see some youth. Tomorrow’s game features Matt Cain vs. Derek Lowe.

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