Posted on 31-03-2008
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Zito Sulking

The San Francisco Giants got totally obliterated by the Los Angeles Dodgers today. Opening the season for the Giants, Bruce Bochy put together the following lineup:

1. Dave Roberts – LF

2. Rich Aurilia – 1B

3. Randy Winn – RF

4. Bengie Molina – C

5. Ray Durham – 2B

6. Aaron Rowand – CF

7. Luis Castillo – 3B

8. Brian Bocock – SS

9. Barry Zito – P

According to Brian Sabean, we were planning on a HUGE youth movement this year. Yet only one opening day starter is under 30, and that was Brian Bocock, who is playing for an injured Omar Vizquel. So far, we’re not sticking to the plan I’d say. Bruce Bochy also said in the off season that he was planning on playing the best player at each position, regardless of salary. That also did not come to fruition, as the highest paid player at each position took the field for opening day.

Looks like the same old Giants took the field and we’re in for a long season. It’s going to be VERY long if I have to watch the cane-walking Giants take the field day in and day out. Let’s get the youngsters out there! Our triple A squad beat us last week for crying out loud! That should tell you something.

One more thing…why is Aaron Rowand batting 6th? He’s by far the only guy in the lineup who might be considered an offensive threat. Move him into the 3rd or 4th spot please! Now that I’ve ranted for a while…let’s get to today’s game.

Barry Zito started off the day giving up three Dodger’s runs in the first, including a homerun to Jeff Kent. The next inning he gave up another run on an RBI single by Rafael Furcal. That pretty much sealed the deal for the Giants. They came up with 5 hits in the entire game, two of which were collected by none other than our only offensive threat, Aaron Rowand.

Since there’s not much else to talk about, I’m going to look forward to tomorrow’s game. I’m hoping for a completely new lineup from Bochy as this one didn’t work. Hopefully we’ll see some youth. Tomorrow’s game features Matt Cain vs. Derek Lowe.

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Above the City on 1 April, 2008 at 10:50 pm #

Seriously! Out with the old.

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