Posted on 06-12-2007
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Andruw JonesThe Los Angeles Dodgers signed an agreement with free agent Andruw Jones late this evening on a two year contract worth $36.2 million. The arrangement allows Jones the freedom of giving it a go for two years hoping to get his swing back, and then test the free agent market again while still in his prime.

Sources close to Andruw have said that he has been anxious to get a deal signed. The Kansas City Royals have been known to be interested in signing the 10 time gold glove center fielder, but it seems that Andruw had plans to stay in the National League. The Dodgers tried to initiate talks to get him last season, but he wouldn’t opt out of his strict no trade clause while in his last year with the Braves organization.

This takes another big bat off the free agent market. Although somewhat of a risk, I would have liked to see him in a San Francisco Giants uniform…not for the price that Colletti got him, but I would have liked to see it. I think it’s a good move for the Dodgers. It’s a gamble, that I hope DOES NOT pan out for them. I hate those guys!

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