Posted on 04-12-2007
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Miguel CabreraIn a blockbuster deal at the winter meetings in Nashville, Tennessee today, the Detroit Tigers sent six prospects to the Florida Marlins in exchange for Miguel Cabrera and Dontrelle Willis. Sources close to the agreement were stunned to see them both go in the same trade, let alone in the same off season. In exchange, the Marlins received stud prospects Cameron Maybin, Andrew Miller, and four others not worth mentioning. Maybin and Miller are awesome prospects and most scouts expect them to be all-stars in a few years.

To sum it up, the Marlins basically dumped the last remaining members of the 2003 world series team and the bulk of their payroll all in one trade. The highest paid player on their team next season will probably be Kevin Gregg, their closer, who made $575,000 this year. In fact, their projected payroll for this coming season now sits around $7-$8 million. Yeah, crazy I know.

However strange the trade may have been for the Marlins, they have been known to make amazing trades that really end up working out for them in the long run. They have a great evaluation staff that knows what they are after and usually get it. I’m not sure they’ll be able to put a lot of butts in the seats next year though with their only real pull now going to be Hanley Ramirez. But, you never know what they might be able to pull off.

As for the Tigers, they look more like the Yankees and Red Sox than ever now with their acquisitions of Edgar Renteria, Miguel Cabrera and Dontrelle Willis this off season. With a solid lineup top to bottom and five great starters that can all go 200+ innings they sure look like a team to be reckoned with next season. Their payroll will sit at about $120 million for next year too, placing them among the top tier now.

So, for the San Francisco Giants it’s another big name out of the stories and rumor mill. Now we can begin talking about Brandon Inge and Scott Rolen for the next couple of weeks.

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