Posted on 31-10-2007
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San Francisco Giants Halloween Costume

Hi everyone! Just wanted to write a quick post to wish you all a Happy Halloween. This is what I wore to work today. You can see that it’s all official gear. I even have the warm up jacket that you can barely see sitting on my desk, and the X-Bat that I’m holding is the same one Bonds uses. Everyone at work got a kick out of my obsessiveness. I hope you do too!

It’s going to be an interesting San Francisco Giants Off-Season. With question marks about Omar Vizquel, Pedro Feliz, Ryan Klesko, Barry Bonds, etc. it will hopefully be a big off-season for the Giants. Can we land a player like Alex Rodriguez? Can we pick up Mike Lowell from the Sox, or is our wish list just too high. Brian Sabean is going to have to make a splash somewhere. I can’t wait to find out who’s coming to the Giants next season!

Stay tuned as I feed you the latest news about the free agent market, potential trade rumors, and possible pick-ups for our very own San Francisco Giants! Thanks everyone for reading, and have a Happy Halloween!

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