Posted on 26-10-2007
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SF Giants LogoThe San Francisco Giants ended their season with a terrible 71-91 record. Their pitching efforts were pretty solid however as several of their starters posted below 5.00 ERA’s. Some of the noteworthy performances go out to Matt Cain, Tim Lincecum and Noah Lowry, who all had solid years. Barry Zito, as everyone knows, struggled this season with some of the added pressure of a HUGE contract. Hopefully he’ll get it together this off-season and get himself mentally prepared for next year.

Brian Sabean has repeatedly said that the Giants will be looking to get younger next year. The NL West seems to be shaping up as a younger division built around solid young pitching, great defense and a lot of speed. Our youngsters such as Rajai Davis, Fred Lewis, Dan Ortmeier and Kevin Frandsen are definitely looking like potential starters for us next season. Lets hope they can get the reps in they need in winter ball to make a significant impact come spring.

The two areas the Giants will try and strengthen this off-season are bullpen help and defense. We desperately need better power-hitters at our corner infield spots. It would be nice to land someone like Alex Rodriguez or Mike Lowell. But a third baseman like that might be asking too much from the Giants brass. What we will go after for sure is a quality closer, although it doesn’t look like there is much available besides Mariano Rivera, who may become a free agent with Torre out of a job in New York.

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