Posted on 20-07-2007
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Bonds StrugglesIn a game on paper that should have gone to the Giants just looking at the starting pitchers, the Giants lose again. Noah Lowry started off the game struggling with his location, but did a great job hanging in there. I was actually really proud of the job he did today even though he didn’t have his best stuff. He struggled most of the day, but still managed to get outs.

Bonds continued to hit poorly and looked noticeably uncomfortable in the box with his swing. His timing is off and he’s been late on balls. He got a few pitches today that I’ve seen him crush in the past that he just turned over or popped up. Pedro Gomez after the game made several comments that time may be catching up to Barry, blah, blah, blah. I’m not buying it! I’m getting quite sick of all the baseball analysts using his age as an excuse every time Barry looks like he’s struggling a bit. He’s just going through a slump guys, get over it. Bonds is 0-20 in his last 20 at-bats.

It was such a sad day however when a friend of mine who is a HUGE Dodgers fan called to remind me of the win streak they hold over us at home. The sweep over the weekend moves the streak to 11 consecutive losses to the Dodgers at AT&T park. It’s pretty pathetic. The next time the Giants have a chance to redeem themselves will be on September 7th when the Dodgers come back to town for their last series in San Francisco this season.

Tomorrow the San Francisco Giants travel to Chicago to face the Cubs in a four game series. Their night game matchup features rookie Tim Lincecum (4-2) vs. Rich Hill (5-6).

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