Posted on 13-07-2007
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Matt CainThe San Francisco Giants had a lot of things to say over All-Star weekend about how they were going to turn it around the second half and come out with a fury. After the first night against their hated rivals, the Los Angeles Dodgers, they looked like they were ready to pack it up for the season. The Giants lost 9-1 on a night that seemed like they had all been enjoying the festivities a little too much!

Matt Cain got the start, took the mound, and gave the Giants another quality start on his way to another tough luck loss. I feel bad for the kid as his team has given him very little run support this season. In fact, they have only scored more than two runs in six of his eighteen starts this season. But as usual, Cain blamed the loss on himself, stating that he should have been putting batters away. He did a pretty good job of that only giving up seven singles in the whole game, many of which were little bloopers that fell in front of the outfielders.

There were very few chants of “Beat L.A.” as the Giants fell to 38 – 49 on the season. It was their ninth straight loss to the Dodgers at AT&T Park, extending their winless streak at home stretching back to August of last year. A couple of bright spots came defensively however, when Dave Roberts threw out Rafael Furcal at third on a play where he got caught between bags trying to squeeze in another base as Andre Ethier scored from second. Also, Omar Vizquel made a great catch on a ball that should have been a bloop base hit behind short that he somehow snagged looking straight up over his head. He’s definitely the greatest shortstop of all time! No offense Ozzie Smith…

Tomorrow’s game highlights Matt Morris (7-5) vs. Derek Lowe (8-8).

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David Lay on 17 July, 2007 at 6:07 pm #

It’s unbelievable that the Giant’s starters have managed to have SO many quality starts and have still lost SO much… that’s gotta be frustrating!

San Francisco Activities on 23 November, 2012 at 1:18 am #

It OK GIANTS that’s a part of a game.NO matter how hard the efforts you made on the game sometimes the win is hard to reach.But there some reasons to it.You learn from your loses and soon it would be a big win.Keep playing and reach the championship.GO GIANTS!!!

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