Posted on 12-07-2007
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San Francisco GiantsThe San Francisco Giants finished the first half with a miserable 38 – 48 record, 10 games below .500. The Giants have had a dismal year at the plate and it has cost them dearly. At the end of the first half they don’t have a single starter who has a batting average above .300. It’s been simply pathetic for all Giants fans this year who have, like me, watched almost every game this season. It’s been one of those years.

You have to think that at some point they will turn it around and get hot. But with the old guys that they have, you can’t exactly bank on them having stellar performances the second half of the year when the season gets long and hard for seasoned ball players. Most of the players on the team this year have sub .250 batting averages. Wow!!!

There are a few bright spots for the Giants however this season. Their starting pitching has been stellar! I love watching their rotation this year. With Barry Zito, Matt Cain, Matt Morris, Noah Lowry, and Tim Lincecum they have a chance to win every night. The Giants starters have the second lowest ERA in the National League at the half. Very impressive. Just imagine where we would be if we could get on base…

The Giants kick off the start of the second half with a three game series against their rival Los Angeles Dodgers. Booooo!!! I can hear the chants of “Beat L.A.” already! Let it be known, that I hate the Dodgers. There is nothing worse in this world than them. In fact, it’s a joke with some of my buddies that when the Giants win and the Dodgers lose it’s a GOOD day in baseball. Throw in the Yankees losing too and it’s a GREAT day!

Make sure to get out to the park and root our boys on as the good vs. evil series begins. I hope Barry Bonds puts a few in McCovey Cove just to let them hear us all chear him on!

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David Lay on 15 July, 2007 at 11:58 pm #

Here’s hoping that they can turn it around and got HOT! I’m looking forward to a Giants/Red Sox series in October!

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