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Velvet Revolver - Libertad

Velvet Revolver comes out with a new album on July 3, 2007 titled “Libertad”. It is their sophomore album as a group and it’s just that, a sophomore album. I had really high expectations and was hoping for a flashback to the good old days of Guns N’ Roses…but I was sorely disappointed. I think some of the songs have some serious potential, but none of them really got to me. First of all, they have a lead singer, Scott Weiland, who sounds like a little boy on most of the tracks…so they get what they asked for. If they had a lead singer like Chris Daughtry these tracks would be 100 times better. I can’t stand to listen to Scott and his same whiney sound on every track. Also, quit writing songs about machines…they’re not that cool dude! I can’t rock out to some guy whining about machines. What ever happened to some good ol’ sex, drugs and rock and roll?

Anyways, their sound has changed some and I think they were trying to appeal to the younger crowd with this one. The problem is, no young kid is going to listen to guys old enough to be their dads trying to reach out to them. I wish they would just write songs to appeal to their target audience…us. Get rid of that weak drum set you tuned up to sound like you are in a bubble gum punk band, get a lead singer who has some balls, crank up your guitars, and rock out like you used to!

Here’s my review of each song:

  • 1. “Let it Roll” – Main riff is pretty good. Songs moves well, gets me pumped a little if I ignore Scott.
  • 2. “She Mine” – Intro is intriguing, but once the lyrics start it goes down hill from there.
  • 3. “Get Out The Door” – Riffs are too predictable. Kind of a good dance song though. I can almost see hot girls bouncing to this at a show if I close my eyes.
  • 4. “She Builds Quick Machines” – The music has serious potential. The lyrics are terrible! This could have been a MUCH better song with a better lead singer who writes about something cool.
  • 5. “Last Fight” – For the first time on the album Scott sounds like he’s a man, and not a whiney little kid. The song itself could have been a GREAT song, but it isn’t quite there for me. It’s kind of got epic potential with the right lyrics.
  • 6. “Pills Demons & etc.” – The song sucks until it gets to the first part of the chorus. This is a classic try to appeal to the younger crowd. The drums suck! The oooh ooh oooh’s start to grow on me as the song goes on. Slash’s solo is really bad on this track though.
  • 7. “American Man” – Scott sounds like a gypsy in this song….not like an american. And…what’s up with the mexican, old west feel to it? Could also be the theme song to a super hero cartoon.Worst song on the album!
  • 8. “Mary Mary” – If you close your eyes, Scott sounds like he could be The Bangles, or some other 80′s pop star like Tiffany. LOL
  • 9. “Just Sixteen” – I really like the riff in this song. With better lyrics and a bad ass voice this song has serious potential. One of the best on the album.
  • 10. “Can’t Get it Out of My Head” – This song makes me want to throw up! Scott has the worst voice on the planet. He sounds like a little boy! This song has a classic 50′s love song feel and he managed to ruin it.
  • 11. “For a Brother” – Wait, have I heard this song before? Oh yeah, it sounds just like all the other songs on this album. Total filler track on a crappy album.
  • 12. “Spay” – Oh, I can’t stand this song! When the REALLY whiney chorus starts, I want to turn it off. I haven’t listened to this song much past that part to be honest. Annoying song!
  • 13. “Gravedancer” – I actually like this song. It’s chill, easy to listen to and has a good feel. It’s kind of got that Loving the Alien feel to it too. Ha Ha.
  • Hidden Track – The hidden track is the best song on the album! At first I was like, what is this? When did Slash go country? But I actually really like it. It’s the most catchy of all their songs…pathetic.
  • Overall, this album sucks. I will only support it out of respect to the greatest guitarist of all time and the coolest bass player on the planet, who thinks he’s the main man we all go to see. I wish they would get rid of that skinny druggy behind the mic who ruins all of God’s gifted musical talent behind him. They’d sell a lot more records without him.

    I’d love to hear your responses.

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    Todd Petersen on 27 June, 2007 at 2:38 am #

    Mike I love your post!!!! Seriously what the HELL is with all the machines!!!! That line is used so much now I feel its sooo cliche. Scott didn’t you realize that “Big Machine” sucked ass!!!!

    However I disagree with you on Daughtry. I think that guy is lame. I hate every one of his songs. Sure he’s an ok singer but he’s got no real raw attitude. He’s just like Scott Stapp, the poser rocker. Chris is just someone who appeals to top 40 radio. And I hate to say this but I lost some SERIOUS respect when I found out that Slash played a song on his album.

    Yes Gravedancer is a great song. I like it. However if my memory serves me correct I think the main verse riff is built around the D chord and I felt it was too much of a revisit of Fall to Pieces (this is the guitar player coming out, I wouldn’t be surprised if no one thought that). I could be wrong and might be thinking of “Can’t get it out of my head”. But come on man if your going to have another ballad make it around another chord than your last ballad from your previous record!

    I did hear some red flags before this album came out from interviews with Slash on making the record. He talked about how they fired their original producer Rick Ruben (who’s done everyone on the planet) because he kept saying, “You need to write more songs”. Well Rick was right!!! You needed to right more songs cause the ones you have all SUCK!!!

    Another thing Slash commented on was his guitar tone. He stated that he played with a much cleaner tone on the record. Which in my opinion was a bad idea because he already has the best tone in the world and why go and mess with something when its perfect. But at the same time I can see why he might do that. He’s been making records for over 20 years and at one point you just have to try something new.

    And yes Mike I’ll be with you when you’re walking into the store Tuesday morning to buy the album to support the greatest musicians of all time. Its just so sad that it will be a bitter sweet moment.

    Mike Loosli on 27 June, 2007 at 8:25 am #

    Respect or no respect I’m not buying that piece of crap! I hope they have sucky sales. Maybe that will motivate them to actually make a bad ass album for once. Just like anything else you purchase, you want the most for your dollar and one half decent song doesn’t cut it. My respects to Slash, Duff and Matt still.

    Jonathan Snow on 27 June, 2007 at 10:06 am #

    I didn’t dislike it as much as you guys, but it definitely wasn’t great at all either. I have to agree with Mike, Scott isn’t the best. I don’t think he ruins all the music, but he’s not helping at all. The vocals are definitely the weakest part of the songs. I thought ‘For a Brother’ and ‘Can’t get it out of my head’ were decent. I think the best way to describe the music is kinda like what’s already been said: Forgettable. There’s nothing really of substance that from the first time you hear it, you’re like, “Damn!”—I at least got that a little bit from ‘Slither’ on their last album. But I could be wrong…I liked a couple of songs on the first album more after hearing them a few times, and I only listened to about a minute of these. And yes, Mike, the chorus of ‘Spay’ has to be one of the most annoying things ever written. I give it a B-/C+.

    Chad Noakes on 27 June, 2007 at 11:29 pm #

    I just got around to listening to the album. From the comments today I knew I shouldn’t expect much – the understatement of the year. This album will be forgotten by July 4th.

    To think I was stoked back when I first heard Scott was on board because I have always been a huge STP fan. I still listen to Sex Type Thing and Wicked Garden all the time. I seriously think Scott got crazy STDs and they had to cut off his balls because he sounds like he’s twelve. Him and Robin Thicke should get together and do Prince covers.

    As for Daughtry, Todd is right. Look, if you want to sell out to American Idol and it gets you record sales, good for you – but don’t think it means you are worthy to share the stage with Slash. Once you prance around a stage singing California Dreams you might as well have done gay porn – there is no going back.

    I sure hope Slash can find something that works next time. I hate to see VR’s tour schedule include the “Buffalo Chip Campground” in South Dakota.

    Todd Petersen on 29 June, 2007 at 10:49 pm #

    Well I hope you guys saw VR on Jay Leno last night. I thought they sounded really good! And I must say, I don’t think Slash has looked cooler in years!! After I watched it I was taken back to the good old days for a bit!

    C.J. on 29 December, 2007 at 5:09 pm #

    I actually agree that the songs on this album are a filler? A little late though.
    To be honest I really think that Slash, Duff and Matt were so much better under the hypnotising voice that was Axl Rose. I’m quite disappointed at how Scott has managed to minipulate Rock into Pop/Punk.

    I still quite like Velvet Revolver.
    It’s because they’re all individually great musicians. The fact that they make a good song or two just becomes a bonus.
    But well yes.

    MDub on 25 January, 2008 at 11:38 am #

    chris daughtry??? are u kidding? wow i didn’t know you were a sixteen year old girl

    Tim on 18 February, 2008 at 7:10 pm #


    I liked it better when Slash was in G’N'R and Scott was in Stone Temple Pilots. Better head banging metal, dude.
    Now, Slash is with the weakest link in the metal buisness lol.

    Connor on 21 February, 2008 at 8:54 am #

    You said no-one from a younger crowd would find this appealing. But i love gun n roses and i love velvet revolver. There lyrics are complicated but there is a truth behind it. The overall sound is imense…And Im 14!

    pagsaw on 17 March, 2008 at 7:06 pm #

    hey i like the song slither,i like the lyrics and most is lead solo by SLASH…yeeeaaaa..goooooo VELVET REVOLVER….MORE POWER…AND LONG LIFE…

    pagsaw on 17 March, 2008 at 7:16 pm #

    heey if u dont like the lyrics or the song so what…!!! you beeter all shut up!!!DONT JUDGE THEM BASE IN YOUR IGNORANCE….SKUNKY NOOB.!!!!

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